Go to Marketing Before You Go to Market

“I’m not sure I understand what marketing would do for me at this moment.”

That’s what my friend, formerly a corporate accountant, told me as he prepares to start his own firm.

“We’re in the process of getting insured and registered, so technically we’re not allowed to sell anything yet.”

All too often I hear people tell me that they’re waiting to start marketing their business until after they have something to sell.

Effective marketing is based on establishing and developing awareness, interest, engagement and trust with consumers before they’re willing, able and ready to buy what you’re selling (or will want to sell them in the future).

Therefore, it’s imperative to start that process before you actually have something to sell.

So, how do you start marketing a business before you something to sell?

Content marketing.

In other words, the art of communicating with people, without trying to sell them something.

Start a conversation by creating content about relevant topics that are worth people’s time and attention. Lend a helping hand by producing content to fill a void in people’s lives. Use content to make people laugh, cry or feel something that will help them remember you now and in the future.

The point is, you (usually) don’t start a lasting relationship by jumping in the sack with someone right off the bat. It takes time to get to the promised land.

When you go to marketing before you go to market, you’ll be on its doorstep once your product or service is ready.