Are you marketing in the year that we live in?

As we head into the year 2016, my number-one concern within marketing and doing business in the 21st Century is that the vast majority of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs are NOT marketing in the actual year that we're living in.

If you're using social media to self-promote (whether implicit or explicit), or if you're running banner ads, or investing in offline advertising, or if you're not going all in on mobile, or if you're spending time and money on SEO, I'm afraid that you are one of those businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

I've been giving a presentation called "The Business of Social: How to Socialize Your Business and Market It in the Year That We Live In" -- and I decided to share it with you as well. (It's an hour long, so you may want to watch it in bits and pieces.)

This presentation isn't just for marketers; this is relevant and beneficial to every single person in your business or organization. Seriously.

I promise that it'll change the way you look at social media, marketing and doing business in the 21st Century -- for the better:

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