How to Determine the Shareability of Your Content

A friend of mine texted me the other day, asking about something he wanted to post on his startup's Facebook page.

"What do you think about asking for investors in a Facebook post?" he wrote.

I responded by asking him if he would you post that kind of message on his personal Facebook profile?

"No," he quickly replied.

That's what I call The Shareability Test.

It's simple: Would you share the content from your business or organization's social media pages to your personal accounts?

If the answer is no -- which it usually is -- chances are you shouldn't be sharing that content on your business or organization's social media accounts in the first place.

How can you expect a casual observer to share your business or organization's content when you -- someone who is significantly more invested in your business or organization -- aren't willing to do so?

After all, one of the main objectives of social media is to create and share content that in turn gets shared by your followers, thereby exposing your business or organization to their friends through a trusted source. Digital word-of-mouth.

When you feel comfortable sharing your business or organization's content on your personal social media accounts, that's when you'll know the content is indeed shareable.

Josh Hoffman (better known as Social Media Josh) is an international social media consultant, instructor and speaker, as well as the creator of The Social Media Freelancer (a digital hub exclusively for current and aspiring social media managers, consultants and strategists who want to build or boost their freelance business).

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