• 90% of businesses are using social media, yet more than two-thirds of them are having trouble assessing its impact.
  • 62% of businesses say designing an overall social media strategy is the biggest challenge they face with social media.
  • Only 41% of businesses agree that they're fully capitalizing on the data that social media provides.


  • Social media provides the most in-depth consumer data in the history of marketing and advertising.
  • Search engine use is down by more than 20% since 2008 because people are turning to social media to find and discover what they want.
  • Social media is now the number-one activity on the Web.


Since 2012, I've worked with U.S. government agencies, international brands, global tourist attractions, national restaurant chains, and cross-cultural organizationsacross three different continents.

Now, I'm launching The Social Media Strategy MasterCourse: a self-paced online course that will guide you through the step-by-step process of developing a comprehensive social media strategy based on attracting new customers and increasing the lifetime value of existing ones.



Social Media Strategy MasterCourse - 18 lessons that will guide you through the process of building a comprehensive social media strategy at your own pace


2 hours of 1-to-1 consulting with Josh, divided into as many video or phone sessions as you'd like (valid for up to 45 days following enrollment)


Unlimited email consulting for 45 days after you enroll in the course (responses within 24 hours of receipt)



PART 1: Paving the Way

  • The 5 Cornerstones of Social Media
  • The Social Media Sales Cycle
  • Outlining Your Touchpoints
  • Determining Your Value Proposition


PART 2: Laying the Foundation

  • Mapping Out Your Goals + Objectives
  • Outlining Your Target Audience
  • Architecting Your Target Audience's Psychographics
  • The Lead Mapping Journey
  • Social Media Channel Definition


PART 3: Developing Your Strategy

  • Brand Values + Storytelling
  • Maximizing the Lifetime Value of Your Content
  • Content Amplification Systems + Strategies
  • Using Content as Customer Service
  • Advertising on Social Media
  • KPI Architecture


PART 4: Planning for the Future

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Advocacy Programs
  • Developing an Organization-Wide Social Media Culture


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