I believe the world is a better place with Israel in it.

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Fun Facts:

  • Living in Tel Aviv since 2013

  • Graduate of San Diego State University (B.A. in Journalism)

  • Brother to two younger sisters

  • Grandma Elaine's favorite grandkid

  • Los Angeles Lakers fanatic

  • Basketball lover

  • Mental health advocate

  • Plant-based eater

  • Coffee enthusiast

  • Ice cream addict

Hi, I'm Josh

Born and raised in Los Angeles to an American mom and Hungarian dad, I grew up in a reform Jewish household. I cannot remember my family discussing Israel in our home. In fact, my only memory of Israel as a kid is walking into my parents' bedroom on a random Sunday morning, and seeing on the TV newscast a blown-up bus in Israel (during what I later realized was the Second Intifada).


After five years of my mother nagging me to go on the free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, my life changed in January 2013. During this trip, I instantly became enthralled with Israeli culture, and decided on a whim not to board the plane back to Los Angeles.

Shortly after the trip, I rented an apartment in Tel Aviv, became an Israeli citizen, and have been living here ever since.

Now, following seven years running an international client-service marketing business, I'm dedicating my life to enhancing the world's relationship with Israel, because I've come to realize our world is a better place with Israel in it.


Moreover, by enhancing the world's relationship with Israel — that is, by getting the global masses to appreciate Israel, just like they appreciate the USA or Japan, for example — our world will become a better place for us all.


When I'm not advancing my mission, I enjoy playing and coaching basketball, watching documentaries and stand-up comedy, reading self-help books, and traveling.

My Approach to Branding Israel


Israel must tap into a broader context, making the "brand" relevant to the lifestyle, culture, and identity of people around the world, not just general facts and information.


There's a difference between digital marketing and marketing in our digital, on-demand, multi-device world. We must understand this difference and execute accordingly for Israel's brand to thrive moving forward.


In the present-day "Attention Economy," creative brand storytelling and human-interest content generates the most meaningful interest, excitement, and engagement.

Quotes I Live By

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

New York Times bestselling author

Don't be shy.

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